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Chilling Stories of Horror


Two best friends
One goes missing

And a paranormal podcast that hopes to reunite them, but not before unleashing horror in many forms

When Tobin gets trapped inside the House of Mystery and Mirrors at Carnival Nocturne, his existence is erased from the world and Zeus is the only person who remembers that his best friend ever lived. Zeus is determined to return to the carnival and rescue his friend--that is, if he can only find it.

Together with Tobin's sister, Jana, Zeus concocts a plan to conjure Tobin's captors on Halloween night via his paranormal podcast, Odd Occurrences. Listeners are invited to call in and share their supernatural experiences with the audience. From ghostly encounters to haunted dolls, terrifying escape rooms with deadly consequences to alien lake creatures, Zeus hopes that someone's story will produce a clue that leads him to the mysterious carnical--and ultimately, back to Tobin. But little does Zeus know that Tobin is almost out of time.

How cool to find the Odd Occurrences book cover on the doors leading into the library at St. Johns County Center for the Arts at Murray Middle School. Not only met a bunch of great readers, but a lot of them are aspiring writers as well.

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