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Green Canvas

A year has passed since Lise Norwood survived a violent encounter with a serial killer. Because of the publicity from that case, her private investigation firm is thriving. Lise attends the grand opening of a museum’s new art exhibition where she is lauded for locating a long-lost masterpiece. At the same time, an unidentified homeless boy is gruesomely executed at the outskirts of San Marco, Florida. Both events, seemingly unrelated, soon intertwine and Lise is hired to try to learn the identity of the mystery victim. Her investigation becomes more perplexing when she discovers that multiple kidnappings, a million-dollar briefcase, and a band of child thieves are also tied to the boy’s murder. Unable to turn to the authorities for fear of retribution against innocent victims, Lise relies on old friends and new to help in her investigation. Ultimately, however, Lise will have to step into the lion’s den alone, all while knowing she’s outnumbered and outgunned.

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