All the Lovely Children

In 1959 Charly Bloom was a thirteen-year-old Tomboy full of piss and vinegar. As her father often said, “Calling Charly hardheaded is like calling the sun hot.” Young girls began to disappear in the small mountain town of Temperance, North Carolina. Charly’s natural curiosity, fueled by her love of the Hardy Boys mystery series, inspired her to conduct an investigation of her own. What she learned led to a confrontation with the deranged child snatcher and Charly almost died. Twenty-three years later Charly is a private investigator who recently left the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. When crimes identical to those from 1959 take place again in Temperance, Charly returns to her hometown to help the sheriff stop the abductions and find the lost girls. 

Nance has done a marvelous job in creating a well-written, suspenseful novel. His language is crisp and fresh; his world-building, authentic; and his pacing, just fast enough to keep readers at the edge of their seats but slow enough to let them enjoy the ride. He has crafted a compelling, engrossing novel with more than one scene of gritty-realism that will prickle the back of your neck.  --Southern Literary Review

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