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Red Canvas

​In the seaside city of San Marco, Florida, private investigator Lise Norwood spends her days serving papers and her nights spying on cheating spouses. An odd career choice for a woman who studied art history while a student at San Marco University. When local police ask her to consult on a murder case in which the victim was posed to resemble a classic Greek sculpture, Lise dusts off her art history degree and joins the task force.

As the artistic madman known as Michelangelo continues to use the bodies of his victims to copy more works of art, Lise starts her own investigation into the gruesome killings. Homicide detectives accuse her of overstepping her role as consultant and she’s fired from the case, which only spurs her to dig deeper. Her inquiries take an ugly and personal turn when she learns that Michelangelo has chosen her to be his next bloody masterpiece.

Andrew Nance’s plucky PI heroine Lise Norwood is set to give Stephanie Plum a run for her money. Not since Plum has there been such a sharp, funny protagonist cleaning up the streets of her city. Red Canvas introduces readers to Norwood and the fictional North Florida town of San Marco in an engrossing, fast-paced tale of art thievery, deception and homicide. Norwood’s on the trail of a murderer with too much imagination, and Nance delivers a tale that’s hard to put down. A riveting, rollicking good time.

 -Debra Bokur, author of The Fire Thief (Kensington)    

For mystery and thriller lovers, this is a great read. Nance is a fine writer, with a keen appreciation for language and a sharp eye for telling details. He excels at plotting and suspense. I eagerly await the next book in the series.

-Claire Matturo, author of The Smuggler’s Daughter

Readers' Favorite Book Reviews:

Red Canvas is well written; an edge of your seat, can't put it down thriller. The plot moves along at a good pace, the author crafting his unraveling story well, keeping you guessing right to the end.
       Andrew Nance is a new author to me but I hope to read more of his work. His characters are engaging. I like them, and I want to read more about them. I felt bereft when arriving at the last pages of Red Canvas. I wasn’t ready to let them go. To me, that’s the sign of a good book and a great writer; that he can engage me and keep me wanting more. Nance does that in spades with Red Canvas. I have no qualms in saying you will love this book.

A Soccer Mom's Book Blog:

Andrew Nance did an amazing job of telling a story that stayed true to police work, kept the clues coming while not giving away the who-dun-it, and keeping the storyline intriguing. 

Amazon Reviews:

Damn! Hated for this one to end.

Red Canvas is an outstanding murder mystery with twists and turns throughout and surprises everywhere.

I have a feeling this may be the beginning of a new series – I hope so!

Great characters, dialog and pacing, and the crime scene word pictures were TO DIE for! Write fast, Mr. Nance. I need another fix!